Lack of Consistency Admits Change Means Disaster

Lack of Consistency Admits Change Means Disaster


What has COVID19 taught us about consistency?

If any thing, extreme change from COVID19 is so interrupting that it has destroyed companies. Extreme change, like a pandemic, is like flying an A10 Wart Hog (Colonel Kim Campbell A10 airstrike over Baghdad) and take a hit in the tail of your plane. Severe enough that all hydraulics are gone. So hard that the hydraulic fluid catches on fire and shrapnel goes through the number 2 engine.

What is pilot to do?

Is it possible to keep the plane going?

Can it make it through such severe damage to land the plane safely over 300 miles away?

Who has to take the risk? At what price?

The answer to that is yes, it can.

Learning from such an experience tells us that with proper planning, it is still possible to keep things going and make it work.

Is it easy?

No… it is not.


Frustration Can Drive Consistency

Frustration in a company is good. That is part of the warning signs of look out!

Being frustrated without action is disaster for sure. Consulting many companies where the CEO was frustrated, took the role of, “it will work itself out”. While minor frustration, that can be true, major mayhem is not the case.

Effective and engaging CEO’s in a major change will allow a company to save it’s self.

PROVIDING one thing.

Having a disaster plan in place is usually, not effectively addressed among companies.

No one ever talked about the real disaster issues.

What if we cannot manufacture this product or deliver it tomorrow or worse yet the building is gone?

Does that mean we are done? The company is dead?

There are dozens of scenarios that should be presented to companies that were not, BEFORE COVID19.

I know here is one, WHAT if we are in the middle of a pandemic? What does this company look like in 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years?

Like the pilot of the A10 she was prepared for every emergency situation and companies need to do the same. Prepare.


Disaster Strikes at the Least Unexpected Moment

When creating your business plan, you must take into consideration what is at risk. With pencil in hand you start jotting down all the possibilities. Making the top five outcomes that could destroy a company is an easy place to start.

Putting the plan into effect is the most difficult. However, with the top 5 issues, you can almost cover any conflict with the training.

A dealership business was looking for a consulting team when we walked into their place. Disasters were exposed to the company after our evaluation was over.

They felt comfortable about their financial position as partners that any disaster that would come their way would easily be tackled and addressed. Our team said everything…except…death.

What would happen if a partner is killed? What would happen if both partners died? Who has the company? Would it effect employees and families?

At first they showed no interest. We asked for another meeting to bring our estate attorney along. They obliged. During that meeting the attorney shared with them what happens in the event of death with one or both. They agreed and decided to hire the attorney to remove the risk to the company and employees.

2 years later, both partners were on a small plane heading into Utah to discuss a potential new dealership. Unfortunately the plane went down in bad weather and both partners were killed instantly. While attending the funeral, we were approached by some family members.  They understood what was done, while we consulted about their risks just 2 years earlier. It was an emotional time as many tears were shed.

Flash In The Pan

I constantly see the bitcoin and other quick investment companies. IF you can get them going anywhere, they will provide income. BUT they are not long term business growth. I am not interested in the 10 thousand earnings here and there. My goal with this company is the 100 thousand a month and at some point, the one million dollar earnings in one 24 hour period. These flash in the pan, steal your money companies cannot do that. They cannot offer the real growth, real depth and real income.

Great affiliate marketers make 10-15 million a year. let me see that Bitcoin company do that. A great affiliate marketer can make the one million in one day, let me see the Bitcoin and Foreign Exchange markets do that. They can’t and they never will. They are only hopefuls, stealing your money.

Family Preparedness

Are you really going to tell me that you don’t think preparing your family for disaster is not that important? Really? If you asking me, what kind of disaster?, I will say these items:

Money maker gets hurt and is out of work for 6 months.

Natural disasters like, flood, fire, wind, earth quake and so forth.


Pandemic situations. (Like Covid19, who would have thought that one)

contaminated food or water

Military action.

Add in whatever you want. For me, I have always kept 6 months supply in our home. We got caught once without work and it was rough. Now, like COVID19 you didn’t see me inline waiting to buy TP, food staples and sorts… including water. We just pulled it out storage and put the money away that we would have spent to replace what we used. We just stayed home. No need to go out to risk getting sick, or worse, death.


Business Preparedness

Consistency planning from the beginning is the best. It is decisions made before money spent. Once the agreement is made to move forward in a company, it is because all the basis are covered. Staying in side that planning box, unless disaster strikes, is key to success. Sometimes markets shift and you are prepared for it. Sometimes money gets tight, you are prepared for it. The list never stops.

Watching on Facebook, I see tons of posts about quick money. They want people to jump in based upon false evidence of success. Just because they show a picture of money and lie about returns doesn’t make it real. What is primarily missed is the plan and what happens when that plan is not working. They don’t even address that, they just want your money.

You need the Free book-The Iceberg Effect.

It is the basis of the beginning of the plan. You read the book and start formulating your plan to reach success. They are written goals, testimonials, product reviews and so on. You are not going to find a MORE COMPLETE plan as you do with this easy set up business. I will also say, this business is no different than any other business.

You must be CONSISTENT.

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