Do You Ever Dream About Business Passion?

Do You Ever Dream About Business Passion?


This title makes you think.

Using such a word as “passion” is a directive to some, as intimacy.

PLEASE do not think in that direction, hopefully I haven’t lost you already.

Passion described from  Linstead & Brewis refer to Merriam-Webster to say that passion is an “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction”.


Successful Companies Carry Passion.

So what?

Why blog about it?

While consulting companies and making first introductions. I could tell within just a few minutes if this person was passionate about his/her company. Not all owners are.

It made me start to think about the direction of that company, AND it made me wonder if I had enough power to instill inside them the passion to make it successful.

I discovered that some business owners were more concerned about and passionate about, what they did after they were done working for the day.

That was their driver, the after work opportunities.


Me trying to teach them about where their passion should be, is not that easy.

I had to make the connection with them, what passion they had for after work hour activities, would NOT BE there if they didn’t have the first passion in the company.

That is not an easy sale.


Most were in denial.

Remember, the reason most companies invited me to help them?

It was because their company was in trouble.

They couldn’t figure it out. EVEN when we pointed to the obvious.


What is Business Passion All About.

Whenever I sat down with a new client who wanted to start a company, I would ask this very first question.

What is your Passion About This Company?


I am going to suggest that you ask yourself this same question.  Can you tell me?

If I heard someone say to me, because it is going to make a ton of money.
I would say okay,
well… good luck with that.
You will need to find another consulting company. I cannot help you.


Making money should never be your first goal.

When I heard a person say, because I can make a difference in someones life. Okay, great! What is that difference? Then we talk about it.     Maybe they would say, because this has been a hobby of mine and I love it, I think others would love it too. Okay, I would say, how do you know that? Then we talk about it.

It became a mission in my business to learn of their passion. IF I didn’t think they had the passion, I would tell them.

You’re not passionate about it enough to make it work. We can spend thousands of dollars, but at the end, you will lose everything.


True Life/Business Passion

Notice I used the word life and Passion into one sentence. This is key wording to listen for before I would except people as a client. Life/passion businesses are really the most successful. It often times means business/personal surviving and making it work. THAT IS PASSION.

I had a client who lost her husband to suicide. It was a tragic experience for her and her children. Her husband who was a doctor, an Ob-Gyn, delivered 300 new babies a year. It took a mental toll upon him. No one knew of his depression and illness.

It was a shock to the entire community.

I met him when he hired me to consult on his company.  He was preparing to make a specific location move away from his current employer, out to start his own practice. A very intelligent man who knew what he wanted. He and another doctor was going to join together to make it work. I had spent several appointments together finalizing the last bit of information to move forward. I showed up to one last presentation with documents, numbers and the final business deal. I had done my homework and was extremely excited to present my findings.

But the door was locked!

I was 10 minutes early, so I thought they had closed down the office and would open the door at 5 pm sharp.

I waited outside.

It was a few minutes after the hour that the door opened up. The office manager, who had been crying invited me in, offered me a seat on the couch and then indicated someone would be with me shortly. 15 minutes later two very large men came in, detectives.

They told me that this doctor had passed away and apologized for traveling 5 hours one way and that there would be no meeting.

I didn’t learn until later that he had committed suicide.

4 months later, two things happened.

First the doctor that was going to go into business with him called me. Asked me if I still had all the data and numbers. I replied yes and we met. He gave me 30 days to assemble the company and move forward with the business. He was very passionate and very serious of making it work. He was an overnight success, in part because his business partner had passed away.

Second, about 2 months after that I got a call from the widow of the deceased doctor.

She asked if we could meet and if I would interested in helping her assemble her own company.

We met and we visited about the experience. Many tears were shed at that table. More importantly she was extremely worried about what she was going to do next. She had an idea for a business and so I gave her the same questions.

Why this?

What would a quilting business mean to you and your children?

During our conversation, see never mentioned about how this business would allow her to work from home while taking care of her children, UNTIL the very end.

Most importantly she was passionate about what the quilts would do for others and how she could take a special occasion for someone else and make a quilt dream come true. The start up costs were around $65,000.00. That would be enough for a quilting machine, marketing and base material to get things going.

I helped her move that forward. Got someone to help her on her web design and she was off to a great start.

Over the years, we have remained good friends.
She was very passionate about her quilting business, and it was not until later that I figured out that she had enough money to survive many years without doing any business. It was not about the money for her, it was about giving love, through quilting.

BECAUSE of her PASSION, she made excellent money and had a successful company. She sold quilts with Passion and Love. People knew that, that is why they hired her.


WHERE Is Your Passion?

As you read this, you may be asking me. Where is my passion with affiliate marketing?

Fair question.

Here is my answer.

I want to be able to have enough money to serve others. I want to be able to fill shelves with food, put clothes in a closet or dresser. Give shoes to wear, coats to stay warm. I want to be able to provide a bicycle to a child who has never seen one. I want to see the light in others, who has lost hope, who live in fear or have no where to turn.

We did much of that with our other multi-million dollar company. The rewards was far exceeding the wealth income. It is almost indescribable.


Okay, it is your turn.

Where is your Passion?

Why are you starting an affiliate company? Why are you starting the company you want?

What is your sacrifice?

Need a bit of direction?

Get a FREE book, The Iceberg Effect.


Leave me comments below.

Lets talk about it.

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