Business Diamonds Found in Obscure Places

Business Diamonds Found in Obscure Places


Not all companies have diamonds.

In my attempt to make an affiliate marketing company successful it seems that all I ever do is read about the diamonds that others have found. I keep asking myself during this turmoil, where is the obscure places that my diamonds are at?

It leads me to believe and think that what I am doing, there are no diamonds because I don’t know HOW to find them. If I listen to the friend, child (Since I am 61 and have children in their late 30’s), or even a stranger who has sent me an email, they are ALL telling me the same thing,


“You will not find any diamonds in this business!”
Give up!


But then I say to them, really, what about this person? They got lucky. Okay, I say, then what about this person? They got lucky too. Okay, what about the thousands and thousands of others who, through affiliate marketing found diamonds. Did they get lucky too? (dumb look on their face)

Sorry, that is not the case, one or two, okay maybe they got lucky.

BUT thousands, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, is not a coincidence.

So what is the answer?

Do all companies have diamonds?

The answer is yes.


Do they know where to find the diamonds?

See that is the issue.

I often discovered that business are good at what they do, their craft and all,  BUT making money…not so much. They have a great product, but they miss out on many opportunities to double or triple or MORE …their earnings.

Ben Franklin said…”Some people die at age 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75. WHY? Because they quit dreaming, they quit looking. Basically they give up. They take the easy route.

My first multi-million dollar company had the diamonds. I was making $150,000 a year and happy that all was going well. I often considered myself as one who is a very successful business man. One day, I was visiting with a past co-worker who had a company similar to mine, but slightly different. We did not compete with each other, but we had the similar ideas.



His clients had money and my clients were trying to make money. (That was huge)

As my mind caught hold upon that thought, I started asking myself why am I only focused on those who are asking for help when in reality successful companies, who have money, also need my help?

What I created worked for everyone. Okay, not the exact same way, but the base line idea was the same. They needed help! Everyone in business needs help to find their diamonds. What did I bring to the table to help them in their diamond quest?



You-can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees means…

We sometimes cannot see situations as they really are while we are in the midst of them. In short, we lose our perspective when we are too heavily invested  in our business.

BUT knowledge is power. If we think in our mind that I understand it all and can do it all, then I can’t see the forest because of the trees. I realize that knowledge clears paths that I have not seen before.

Those paths often lead me to other paths.

Bringing in knowledge with daily searching, opens the mind and creates the parachute to understanding.
IF at anytime I say to myself or to another person, I know it, that is the signal that I have lost touch.

I often realize, and I wish it was always, that I need to lean to those who have reached the diamonds to understand what I must do to find them.



I know that through all of this, you’re thinking that I am referring to diamonds as a monetary finding only.

Sorry if I gave you that illusion. That is true too, but money and diamonds are not where the power lies. The power lies in the experience and understanding of how to reach the wealth.

Diamonds are both experience of success and monetary income.

I understand that some will disagree with me, however, in my business experience where I have been able to create and sell companies, I now understand that diamonds are not only about dollars in your pocket.

The experiences and the knowledge gained is by far greater than the mighty dollar.

This new adventure has monetary value for sure. Thousands and thousands have had success of dollars, diamonds if you will, in their pocket. BUT the diamonds they have gathered have not all been about the money.

Go and read any successful affiliate marketers story. What your eyes capture is only the ending at first, because that is what YOU are looking for. But if you really study the path that was taken, you discover that they found diamonds of experience and knowledge. How to be a better communicator. How to treat people with respect. How to build relationships and make them lasting. How to…                you fill in the blank. It is experience and growth.

To be honest with you, that is the real treasure. RIGHT?


GROWTH is also diamonds.

Because they acquired this understanding, they are better people, better fathers or better mothers, better friends and so on. They have learned, in many cases when you read their story, they tell you about the changes that took place in their life. It is often those changes that brings them to the monetary of their quest.

Diamonds represent that path, that growth. It is usually fraught with hard things, lots of pressure and struggle. It creates friction and heat. Is that not part of the process that diamond goes through?


Here is a path.

IF you could avoid some of the heartache, would you want to do that?

Of course you would.

If you could learn and understand through a book that would take you through the forest would you read it?

Of course you would.

If affiliate marketing is an avenue that you would be willing to adventure, do you agree that picking up something that has traveled a portion of the path would be helpful?

Of course it is.

Then I offer to you the FREE book today. Get it HERE.

What is in the book?


Diamonds of knowledge, struggle, sadness, joy, success and most importantly a path already cleared and set, waiting for you to be willing to walk that path.


What do you think?

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